A Good Long Story

When we love somebody or struggling for life,
we always want to know
how’s the happy ending,
Yes… immediately
I say,
Never feel unlucky
if you don’t find the answer today,
or the day after tomorrow
Never feel unlucky
if you see other people found theirs
Because your story doesn’t end today,
or the day after tomorrow
Just like every legend and fairy tale,
a story won’t be a good one
if it’s short and simple
Every good story has to be long
A long story with sad beginning,
full of blood in the middle,
and at last, tears of happiness,
will always be the best
Of course you don’t want to have the short one,
do you ?
So be happy for your present bad tale
Because someday
somebody will read it
as a part of your beautiful story

by The Queen of Amertha


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